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        POOR's Mission

        POOR Magazine is a poor people led/indigenous people led, grassroots non-profit,arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, art, education and advocacy to silenced youth, adults and elders in poverty across the globe.

        All of POOR's programs are focused on providing non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and education with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and degentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, landlessness, indigenous resistance, disability and race locally and globally.

        POOR Magazine

        POOR Magazine Revolutionary Journalism, poetry, & prose on issues of poverty, racism, disability, in/migration, border fascism, incarceration, welfare (de)form, profiling, indigenous resistance, art, media, and more by the folks who experience these struggles first-hand.

        (POOR Magazine -The print edition- Is currently out of print due to lack of funding. Some copies of Volume #4: MOTHERS still available by mail order. Contact deeandtiny@)

        Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

        Soar Torian Soar. Four Year Anniversary- Grieving Mother Series- Dec. 27th, 2019

        The phone rang. It was Momo. She said my brother had made it to her house. It was the first time in a year and a half he had surfaced. Praise God. my mother's prayers have been answered. 

        The Lowest of the Low- Grieving Mother Series - Dec. 18, 2019

        The lowest of the low. It comes a time when you think that you've hit rock bottom but the reality is there is such a deeper lower low that one could experience...

        Reincarnation- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

        I did it, I released myself. It has been over 72 days of meditation and I have Noticed A Difference in My Movement.

        End of Year Reflections- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

        This year has been a interesting year for me I have grown a lot it is the end of the year and I have had a little reflection time as I usually do this time around it hits the 4th year mark of my deceased son anniversary bittersweet at the end of last year I was awarded mother of the year this year my children were awarded at the end 2019 4 the leadership that they have taking on in the community governing themselves and then their brother and sisters keeper I I am so proud of them I don't think they know just how

        SB 50- Article One in a Four-Part Series: The Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Capitalism of the California Housing Crisis

        As a low-income African-American living in the Bay Area, I have been through all the trials and tribulations the Brothas and Sistas have been through in America, and if I haven’t one of my friends or family members have suffered through it. This is the journey that we call America. A nation founded upon the tenets of patriarchy, white supremacy and hyper- capitalism. Yeah, folks, these are undisputed facts.

        The Struggle to Build Housing When You are Homeless -Poor and homeless builders struggle with Permit Gangsterism and Politricks

        “You owe $72,000 for these water and sewer permits,” said East Bay Municipal Water District (EBMUD) clerk to Homefulness

        Justice for Kayla Moore -Youth Poverty Skola Reports-

        Kayla Moore’s Story 
        By Amir Hughes
        Tuesday 2020 January 7, we went to a protest for Kayla Moore because she hasn't had justice from the court or from the police, and the family of Kalya Moore is still fighting.

        From Leroy’s 1980’s Road to Radio To Today’s KEXU 96.1 FM Krip-Hop Radio @ Poor Magazine

        The biggest joke in my youth in the late 70’s and 80’s was my goal to be a radio DJ because of my disability Cerebral Palsy I used to stutter. Yes, people like teachers, some family members, friends and counselor all laughed about the goal of being on the radio. Here is my story of my dream to be on the radio from 1980’s WCCC 106.9 FM Hartford, CT. to today with Poor Magazine’s KEXU 96.1 FM East Oakland, CA..

        PNN RADIO

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